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The Ultimate Prediction System

U.P.S is the ultimate magic app for peeking/predicting/revealing information from multiple sources in a variety of different ways!

  • Over 20 individual modes!
  • Extremely versatile!
  • Comes with detailed Instructional videos!

Advance your app magic with U.P.S


Peek any text revelation from Inject or WikiTest covertly using the Image Reveal Mode or peek any text revelation through a native Apple Watch app


Predict any text or image revelation from Inject, WikiTest, CubeSmith, TAP etc on your own fake Facebook app, inside a fake notes app or on your own custom website


Reveal any piece of information in a variety of different ways such as on your own fake Facebook app, fake notes app and more!

Predict in a variety of different ways

Facebook Prediction

This mode allows you to clone your own facebook feed and embed text & image revelations inside multiple posts that can then be used as a prediction.

Notes App

This mode allows you to predict text revelations in a fake notes app

Instagram Prediction

This allows you to use the "Facebook Prediction" mode and you can convert so that it looks like Instagram as the mode works with screenshots, you can then predict images or text revelations on a fake instagram!

On a custom website

One of the modes inside U.P.S called "Web Prediction System" allows you to create your own custom web pages to predict any text or image revelation on! It's very customisable with a lot of advanced settings!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work for U.P.S?

To buy all the current modes the price is £99.99 GBP, this also includes most future modes free of charge, I say 'most' because there may be a few modes which will be addon only and won't be available in any bundle price, aside from buying the full app you can also purchase modes individually through the app.

How many routines/effects are possible with this app?

This is quite a tough question to answer because of how versatile a lot of the modes are inside this app, there are over 20 individual modes which each have a ton of settings and customisation options and because it also integrates with a lot of the popular magic apps it can be difficult to count the exact number of possible routines/effects.

Do you offer a free trial?

So there isn't a free trial available for any of the paid modes but you can download the free "Lite" app from the app stores and check out some of the modes which are free for all users such as "Prediction Card" for some very basic effects, you can also access the full instructional videos for the entire app including paid modes so you can learn about them before you buy!

Do I get after-sale support?

We run on 2 Facebook Groups, "U.P.S Lite Users" & "U.P.S Full App Users", so if you've downloaded the free "Lite" app or brought individual modes separately then you can join the "U.P.S Lite Users" group on Facebook for support from the developer and other users. If you've brought the full app for £99.99 GBP then you can join the exclusive "U.P.S Full App Users" group and get more support from other full app users and the developer

How long does it take to learn the app?

It all depends how much you're willing to get out of the app because it's very versatile and there are a lot of modes in this app, the instructional material alone for the entire app is nearly 5 hours, I understand that sitting through a 5 hour video isn't the best so that's why I've split up the instructionals into separate smaller videos in a course style format with also a webinar format for those who want to learn it that way. I would recommend learning one mode at a time and going through each mode slowly.

Does the app work on its own without any other magic apps?

The short answer is yes, whilst you can get a whole lot more out of this app if you have other magic apps such as Inject, WikiTest, CubeSmith or TAP, you can however make use of U.P.S' inbuilt revelation system which is essentially its own inbuilt thumping system for storing text & images & you can input info in different ways such as using swipe system on your phone or through a Bluetooth remote, using an assistant or there are a few modes that has its own input methods without the need of an assistant.

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